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inFINE the outdoor shower column removable

INFINE is the outdoor shower that combines essentiality and ease of use in a balanced and elegant design that can be completely removed without having to close the hydraulic system!

Entirely in brass or stainless steel and strictly MADE in ITALY, it connects to the water system via the inGENIUS quick coupling.
The opening water of inFINE is perfectly integrated into the form minimalist of the shower itself and hides a progressive mixer

The inGENIUS quick coupling allows the coupling / uncoupling of the shower column at any time without having to close the hydraulic system.

Main features
  • inGENIUS quick floor connection
  • progressive mixer on minimal handle without lever
  • removable with a single gesture
  • can be dismantled into 3 parts for better space optimization
  • closing cover usable after removing the shower
  • Entirely in brass or stainless steel
inFINE colonna doccia per esterno valvola inGENIUS attacco a pavimento

inGENIUS quick floor connection

inFINE colonna doccia per esterno bocca girevole aeratore neoperl

Spout rotation with Neoperl aerator

inFINE colonna doccia per esterno innesto rapido

Quick inGENIUS connect and disconnect



Ideal for boats, yachts because it can be removed during navigation and repositioned with a simple “click”.

Used in swimming pools, it can be removed at the end of the season, disassembled and store it to preserve it over time.

There are no such INNOVATIVE outdoor shower columns!

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    InGENIUS system is the first and only system in the world that revolutionizes the use of water, allowing instantaneous engagement/disengagement of all quick couplings, also facilitating test operations.