IG100R-1/2 – Water rapid fitting

IG100R-1/2 Water rapid fitting


Round brass chrome plated rapid fitting for hoses connection.

IG100R – 1/2”G – Connection 1/2”G without filter.
IG108N – 1/2G – Connection 1/2”G without filter and rosette.
IG110RF-1/2G 1/2”G connection with filter.

IG900U-3/8G 45° – Brass chrome plated rapid fitting 3/8G with “SICURVETTA” 45°

  • Applicazioni per connessioni con flessibili da 1/2″ (per lavabo, bidet sospeso, lavelli cucina…)

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    InGENIUS system is the first and only system in the world that revolutionizes the use of water, allowing instantaneous engagement/disengagement of all quick couplings, also facilitating test operations.