100% Made in Italy

All S.G. products are 100% Made in Italy

Work on customer commission

S.G. produces products on projects collaborating in symbiosis with customers by refining the design/machine relationship

Innovative solutions

Always we study innovative solutions that can improve ours and our children life quality.

Manufacturing from full rods / bars

S.G. srl works on rotation of 3 shifts 24 hours on 24 using rods full of brass, aluminum, stainless steel

Our dream

My name is Davide Giacomini for the work world I am an business owner, but when you work with an element that represents the very essence of life you cannot be just an business owner. I can’t!

For almost thirty years my main road has followed a single direction: making water usable in a simple way, valorizing it as a primary life resource, RESPECTING IT.

With my company we have won many challenges of quality, originality, design, but a dream is something more: the dream is to have water where you need it, when you need it… immediately! This Italian dream and unique in the world is already a reality. His name is inGENIUS!

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    InGENIUS system is the first and only system in the world that revolutionizes the use of water, allowing instantaneous engagement/disengagement of all quick couplings, also facilitating test operations.